The first test for the daily practice developed from the METAdiag platform.

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METAglut1™ is an in Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device used to aid in the diagnosis of the Glut1 Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1DS). It is a regulated health product that bears the CE mark.

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METAdiag project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 806038.

Puzzled by these neurological symptoms?
• Intractable epilepsy
• Movement disorders
• Developmental delays
…think Glut1DS

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An innovative blood test to fight Glut1DS misdiagnosis and medical wandering at the earliest   

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“It is essential to diagnose as early as possible to allow prompt compensation, through the Ketogenic Diet, for the brain’s lack of fuel…”

“Early identification of children with the disease is important in order to avoid submitting them to possibly ineffective or potentially detrimental treatments with anticonvulsants”

V. De Giorgis, P. Veggiotti / Seizure 22 (2013) 803–811 – GLUT1 deficiency syndrome 2013: Current state of the art.

To understand
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METAglut1™ provides a simple way to find patients faster


1 Glut1DS in 24 000 births in the general population, most of which remains underdiagnosed.

Sources > Symonds et al., 2019: Incidence and phenotypes of childhood-onset genetic epilepsies. Glut1 Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1DS) : State of the art in 2020 and recommendations of the international Glut1DS study group.

Several complex symptoms can be a clue pointing to a Glut1DS condition:

→ Intractable epilepsy, in particular early onset absence epilepsy
→ Global developmental delay, particularly in speech
→ Complex movement disorders, paroxysmal events triggered by exercise

(J. Klepper – Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 2015, 57: 890–8)

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METAglut1™ now available for clinical use   

METAglut1 is a direct and accurate quantification of Glut1 expression on red cells

METAglut1™ has Good diagnostic performances supporting its clinical utility for daily practice.

Good concordance with glycorrhachia

(The biochemical hallmark Of Glut1DS)

Sensitivity c. 80%   Specificity>99%
VPN> 97%   VPP>70%

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A simple blood draw,
no need for fasting
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Quick turn-around
time (24-72hrs)
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and affordable
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Blood can be
analyzed up to 7 days
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Multi sample
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A detailed, actionable
analysis report
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Clinical evidences are essential for our test validation

We engaged in a large clinical study in France, with 33 centers involved.

This nationwide study aims to demonstrate the impact METAglut1™

can have to early diagnose Glut1DS.

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Already available in France, Belgium and Luxembourg  through Laboratoire Cerba

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Benefits from an exceptional, fast track funding from the French Health Ministry of Health through the Forfait Innovation Scheme, for an early access to the solution for patients.

We are working with partners to make the test available in Europe as soon as possible, notably in Germany, Italy and Spain

Help making the test available in your country
At METAFORA, we work hard to extend our distribution network.

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We also collaborate with many leading research hospitals worldwide