We developed a platform that measures changes in cell metabolism at the single cell level


Cell metabolism is the most fundamental force driving and sustaining life

If metabolism is life’s engine, nutrients are life’s fuel.

Our products

We focus on developing products through our METAbolism platform on two markets:

  • In vitro diagnostics

METAglut1™, our first IVD test is already
changing the lives of children suffering from
the Glut1 Deficiency Syndrome, a poorly
diagnosed neurometabolic disorder.

Ongoing programs are dedicated to tumor
and immune cells metabolic program
characterization, to develop innovative tests
to improve cancer patient management,
both in blood cancers and solid tumors.

  • Cell therapy manufacturing

We aim to improve cell therapies efficacy by
selecting most potent immune cells based on
their metabolic fitness, the key to their fates
and functions.

Moreover, our enabling technology can 
improve specific steps of the cell manufacturing process for cost reductions

Our product pipeline

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