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Trust the autopilot that respects

your data structure

You are just a few clicks away from your populations of interest


Load your files

Conventional, spectral and mass

Set up your workflow


Get objective data

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Still lost in the space of cytometry data analyses?

Concerned by


 Defining a gating strategy?


Manual pre-processing & cleaning of fcs files before clustering?


Defining population to initiate clustering?


A priori deciding on a number of clusters or other settings?

Let METAflow fix these issues,
and see what you can get with only 5 clicks

It is all about augmented intelligence

A comprehensive solution, designed by cytometrists
Powered by an innovative, seamless algorithm suite democratizing clustering
Which respects the structure of your data, and overcomes imperfections of existing solutions
Move from sequential gatings to automated multidimensional clustering, and get more objective data

The new collaborative platform

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It is not yet another black box.  MF walks you through all the steps of your data analysis.
– You upload your data
– Choose the parameters based on your data will be grouped
– Check your data quality
– You explore calculated clusters with visual tools on the layout (heatmap, hierarchy tree, plots)
– You export your results

No matter how advanced user of flow cytometer are you, or how powerful computer you have, whether you come from small research laboratory or big flow cytometric centre with MF you have exactly the same access to quality analytical tool that you can easily understand and effortlessly use.

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Enhanced performance & robustness

It just take few minutes to cluster your data. While clusters are calculated you can explore other previously clustered data or you can launch the clustering and rush to the lab to generate more files or simply go home and see clustering results the next day.

Clustering algorithm ensures:

– Your data real structure is preserved,
– Various tubes data can be compared against each other,
– You will always get reproducible results no matter how many times your files will be clustered

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Seamless & regulatory compliant

Non supervised and semi-supervised algorithms wrapped up in highly user friendly interface – no need for coding skills and plugins installation. You just need to log in, upload your files, launch clustering and explore your data using a number of visualization tools.

Your raw data as well as all the analysis files are secured.

We comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations enabling you to e-sign as well as audit your analyses. 

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Andy Filby

Innovation, Methology & Application Theme Lead
[Newcatle University – UK]
« I need to know that while I am working with my data, analytical sofware I use preserves original data structure – that’s exactly what I find in METAflow »
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Alan Saluk

Senior Scientific Director at the Scripps Research Institute – US
« While hardware and reagents have allowed for hight dimensional data sets in flow cytometry, the majority of our analytical techniques are shockingly antiquated in two dimensions. METAflow is a gateway for modern high dimensional data analyses »
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Raif Yucel

Head of Centre of Cytomics 
[University of Exeter – UK]
“AI based software tools are needed to obtain more unbiased scientific results. Uniquely, METAFlow opens an innovative roadmap to analyse high-dimensional dataset with infinite potential. Especially, METAflow lays a promising basis to develop a digital clinical cytometry research and diagnostic approaches”
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